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Student associations

Association LUCA

  • Formed by students of the biology degree.
  • Headquartered in the first floor of building II (fase II).
  • It has organized various courses and seminars in the past years.

National Association of Mathematics students (ANEM)

  • Its main objective is the communication between the mathematics students from all spanish universities.
  • It is part of the Spanish Conference of deans and directors of Mathematics with power to attend and participate in meetings and exercise full voting rights, and represents there the students’ opinions.
  • It collaborates closely with the Real Sociedad Matemática Española, and receives timely information on activities such as the Organization of Olympics, conferences, studies and employment opportunities, and other news from the world of mathematics.
  • It organizes the National Meeting of Mathematics Students, with informative purposes, aimed to Math students.

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Association of UA's chemistry students (AEQUA)

It consists of students and former chemistry students, from the University of Alicante. Its objectives are:

  • Organizing cultural activities for Chemistry students.
  • Encouraging the participation of students in educational and innovation activities.
  • Exchanging information on educational aspects with other degrees and high schools.
  • Bringing the professional world to the academic world.

IAESTE Alicante Association

It is a member of the IAESTE International Association, founded in 1984 at the Imperial College in London.

  • Its objective is to provide students enrolled in technical and scientific degrees working experience in companies and foreign institutions related to their studies.
  • IAESTE Alicante has five fellowships to work abroad.The fellowship programme is open to any student that is enrolled in any degree of the Faculty of Sciences.

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Ecology and environment Association

  • It consists of students of various degrees. They collaborate in the organization of the course of science and society, together with the Green Office.

Association Look & Learn-group of optometry of learning

  • It was born with a vocation of solidarity, and conducted a work of cooperation in Peru, with donation of glasses to populations in need in that country.

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