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Information for incoming students

SICUE Programme

Specific information of the Faculty of Sciences

First thing you should do is to go to the International & Mobility Programmes Office, located at the Students' Building for them to register you as a new student.

After that, you should go to the Faculty of Sciences Work Placement & Mobilty Office with three copies of the academic agreement and your ID card. Depending on which univversity, we sometimes get the agreement via ordinary mail; this is why we recommend that you should be informed at your home university before you come. The academic agreement should be signed by the student, and by the Dean and Centre Coordinator of the home university.

We enrol you and once you are enrolled, we notify your Virtual Campus password for you to log in and complete your personal details.

You will be given a month for any required amendment to agreement. These changes will be supervised by the Faculty Mobility Coordinator who, along with the Dean, should sign the three copies of the modified agreement.

The modified agreement should be submitted to your centre of origin, where it will be sent on to us.

Students willing to do a research project are advised to contact directly to the lecturer/researcher responsible for that subject or line of research on which they wish to base their project on. Check the different departments of the Faculty of Sciences website and choose which one you would like to collaborate with. 

For internships, students have to get an authorisation from their centre of origin as well as from the Faculty of Sciences Mobility Coordinator.

Once the stay at the University of Alicante is completed and the final marks issued, we will send a transcript of records to your centre.


Erasmus and visiting students

You can find more information and procedures (registration, language courses, etc) on the website of the main Mobility Office

We hope you will have a successful student exchange period in Alicante!