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The University of Alicante Master's Course in Materials Science is aimed to provide specialised and advanced training in a scientific area of great fundamental and technical impact such as Materials, and more specifically Nanomaterials.


This Master's Degree originated from the training courses held at the Materials Science PhD programme, which were first implemented back in the early eighties and have evolved ever since thanks to the growing, groundbreaking research conducted at the University of Alicante. The former Doctoral Programme received the Quality Award in year 2004, and the current one has received the Ministry of Education's Excellence Award MEE2011-0051.


At graduates or people who have obtained their Degree in Science within the fields of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Materials Engineering, etc.

  • Orientation of the Master Degree

This research oriented Master's degree, provides the basis for the development of research activities through a PhD, and also prepares students to engage in R&D activities in technological centres and companies working on the Materials field.

  • To provide students with postgraduate training that covers basic and applied aspects of Materials Science (including those identified as nanomaterials).
  • To train PhDs students in the area of Materials Science so that they can develop their professional activity in the fields of research, industry and teaching.
  • To open the way for the student's future professional activity, allowing them to benefit from the remarkable collaboration between the University of Alicante and the Industry.
  • To get students in contact with other universities and research centers that are active in the Materials research area.
  • To consolidate and foster scientific research and technology development in the area of Materials Science and Technology.

The Master's Course in Materials Science is coordinated and managed by the Alicante University Materials Institute (IUMA). @IUMAUA


Thanks to the sinergy between the Master's Degree and the IUMA, students can gain experience and contacts (with industry partners and other research centers) from the research groups working in the Alicante University Materials Institute.

  • Departments involved in the teaching of the master

Teaching at the Master's Course in Materials Science is divided between four UA departments: